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(Book 2: Kingsbury Town Football Club Series)

Julie Randall needs that book.

Not because it’s a rare first-edition, but because the handwritten notes in the margins will unlock the secrets of her Victorian-era kitchen garden in north London. The book was almost hers, but now it’s in the hands of some aristocratic jerk who probably doesn’t know a tomato from a cucumber. Make that a handsome, aristocratic jerk.

Kingsbury Town Football Club star midfielder Hugo Auchincloss has that book and isn’t about to give it up quite so easily. Julie has lit a spark that he hasn’t felt in a long time, and he’s not going to be satisfied until he has her–that idiot boyfriend of hers be damned. It would be easy.

Until it wasn’t.

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(Book 1, Kingsbury Town Football Club Series)

Mick Carr, Kingsbury Town Football Club’s infamous ‘Jack About Town’, has never had to chase a girl.

Why should he bother? They flocked to him. That is, until he met Marie-Claire Wentworth.

Marie-Claire has one goal in life: to pass the art school critique in exactly ten days time. If she passes she can stay in school in England, flunk and she has to return to America with her tail between her legs. It’s going to take every ounce of talent she has to produce a work of ‘spontaneous vitality’, and the last thing she needs is an overpaid, testosterone fueled sports star complicating her life.

Or does she? 

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Fowled book cover by Marina Reznor

What readers are saying...

Definitely not a chore to read at all – quite entertaining, actually.


Love, love, love Mick and MC. English Premier league football is not a thing for me but it works as the setting. I liked the dialog, I liked the plot, and the story line is tight and smart. It’s kind of a simple story but just really enjoyable.


Fowled was stellar from start to finish.


About Marina Reznor

Marina Reznor at Kingsbury Underground station

Marina Reznor is a recent transplant to Hoover, Alabama where she does not miss the Pennsylvania winters. Married to a rugby player, she became interested in English Premier League football (or soccer as she occasionally slips up saying) when American television began broadcasting matches and she realized there were almost no commercials.

Impressed by the player’s agility and stamina, Marina began following their exploits off the field. As fiction authors know, the start of a good book often begins with “I wonder what would happen if …”. From the first chapter of Fowled, the characters formed themselves and wrote their own story. Marina swears she just wrote it down as it happened.

In the course of researching English football, Marina fell in love with Hendon Football Club, a semi-professional club based in West Hendon, in the London Borough of Brent.

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