I’m always on the look out for ways the underdog can get a shot at a win, and the current drama at Manchester United provides ample opportunity. It was complained about for years that the top of the Premier League was a boring rotation of the same old super teams, but with the retirement of Sir Alex Manchester United’s future is very much in play.

They’ve had some humiliating loses under Moyes that probably would have been wins for Sir Alex. It’s not all Moyes’s fault though – he was handed an aging team that hadn’t had an infusion of cash or talent in a while. And the players are rumored to have been ripe for rebellion anyway, after years of being under the strict nanny watch of Sir Alex. Moyes must have seemed like a brand new au pair struggling with getting the minivan’s parking break to disengage.

The idea of one team not losing because the other team didn’t win is too good to pass up. It’s just the break a struggling up-and-comer needs and I’m filing this one away in my notebook.