Marina Reznor, Author
Marina Reznor, Author

Marina Reznor is a recent transplant to Hoover, Alabama where she does not miss the Pennsylvania winters. Married to a rugby player, she became interested in English Premier League football (or soccer as she occasionally slips up saying) when American television began broadcasting matches and she realized there were almost no commercials.

Impressed by the player’s agility and stamina, Marina began following their exploits off the field. As fiction authors know, the start of a good book often begins with “I wonder what would happen if …”. From the first chapter of Fowled, the characters formed themselves and wrote their own story. Marina swears she just wrote it down as it happened.

In the course of researching English football, Marina fell in love with Hendon Football Club, a semi-professional club based in West Hendon, in the London Borough of Brent.

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