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Let’s Go Shopping: DropBox or Google One?

marina reznor cloud-based storage comparison google one and dropbox

Cloud-based storage has come a long way, and most writers use it for backups, storage, and collaborating. I have used both Google Drive, which is now called Google One, and DropBox and have a definite opinion on which one I like better. Let’s look at them, feature by feature*. First off, how much is all […]

Plot Inspiration: When update bricked AirBnB locks

marina reznor plot inspiration brick door

It’s been over two years now since Tuesday, August 8th 2017 when an auto-update turned thousands of AirBnB smart locks to actual bricks. I’m still giggling. According to reports (from BleepingComputer and Gizmodo), a popular digital door lock promoted by AirBnB and manufactured by Lockstate became brain-dead after an automatic update was downloaded to it. […]

Basics: Transferring a domain regsitration

Marina Reznor transferring domain process

There are several steps involved in transferring your domain registration and it can take several days to complete. The process was designed to prevent ‘slamming‘, which used to happen when your authorized telephone company was changed without your express permission. ICANN, the nonprofit organization responsible for regulating domains, dictates most of the rules you’ll be […]

When things go wrong: SSL mixed content issues

insecure website message from browser Marina Reznor

Mixed content: yellow flags Last week we discussed a major website red flag, the SSL certificate failure (When things go wrong: SSL Certificates). I mentioned the mixed content issue in the broader context of converting to an HTTPS from an HTTP protocol, but let’s dive a bit deeper into mixed content. The first indication you […]

When things go wrong: SSL certificates

website domain name with SSL

Google had the best of intentions when it suggested (mandated) that all websites have a secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption between the web server (your host) and browsers. This has been a long time requirement for any web page (or better, website) processing confidential information, like credit card or PayPal transactions (called online payment processing). […]

My Bad: Kindle Instant Preview

Greenland Ice Sheet

Uncovering the huge number of iFrame server calls that made my site load slower than the Greenland Ice Sheet. A few months ago I ran across a mention that the familiar “Look Inside” feature Amazon shows on Kindle book pages was also available for installation on websites. It is officially called Kindle Instant Preview (originally […]

What I use: Caesium Offline Image Compressor

example of caesium offline image compression program

(Spoiler alert: this program is only available for Windows) I believe it to be a hard and fast fact that people like to look at pretty pictures. Which isn’t the best news for an author like me. I’m not sure if neuroscience backs this up, but I think the brain processes the message of pictures […]

Today’s test drive: a new keyboard

Marina Reznor new keyboard

It always surprises me that keyboard preferences are not a bigger part of discussions among authors. I mean, we spend the better part of our lives typing and our business depends on our ability to work fast. Having the wrong keyboard can cause serious damage to our carpal tunnels. From personal experience I can assure […]